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Full realtime analytics badge
BASICEverything you need
10 QR-Codes
2 campaigns
Full realtime analytics
Location tracking
CSV exports
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Unlimited QR-Codes
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Full realtime analytics
Location tracking
CSV exports
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Why ?

Multiple Actions

Creating all kinds to QR-codes gives you a freedom for your campaign.Social, Video, Forward - they all suite your specific needs and campaign scenarios.

Real Time Analytics

Our real-time analytics lets you get a deep insight of your QR Code performance with a number of charts to interact with.


Organize your codes into campaigns and follow the combined campaign results. Perfect for agencies.


Track the actual GEO location where your QR Code has been scanned, browse all the scan locations on an interactive map.

CSV Export

Export and analyze your QR Code results date, build an Excel charts and graphs with an easy CSV file export.

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