Using a QR code in your campaigns is a unique and engaging way to interact with your customers. Creating a QR Code and place it on your business cards, company stationary, promo stickers, product packaging, catalogs, direct mail, print and magazine ads, billboards, and coffee mugs to direct viewers to a particular how-to video, let them follow your brand on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or leave a review on TripAdvisor or Yelp. The ability to connect with users on various social media channels with just one scan is top tier unique marketing asset.

Track & Analyze

It is all about the results! YouScan.me lets you track and follow all your code activities plus exact locations where the qr-code has been scanned from. Our build in code analytics will provide you with important insights which will help your measure your success. All of these measurements are possible due to the dynamic nature of our QR codes. Statistics are collected in real-time and visualized in graphs and charts. This data can exported it in raw CSV format for future analyze, allowing you deeper understanding and adjusting your campaigns immediately.

Multiple Actions

QR codes can be used to link your online content like videos, social channels, promotional text, music and much more. Promoting your mobile app is easy and convinient using the YouScan.me dynamic qr-codes. You can modify all the page contents without the need to generate and print the qr-codes again. It is a crucial aspect of already printed materials which can be changed to actual information. All of our codes can be download in high-quality JPEG, PNG, EPS and SVG printing formats. These high-resolution images of QR Codes can be put in any size color no matter of the medium.

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Social & Video All in one mobile social actions hub, compatible with most of the mobile devices on the market. The easiest and most straight forward way to connect offline marketing materials and online social networks is the QR code. Display all of your social media accounts, while eliminating the need to type and search. Our Social Networking codes are dynamic, which means that you can edit the list any time even if you join or leave a social network or change details.

Advertise your social media platforms by printing the QR code on business cards, product tags, flyers, posters, magazines, point-of-sale receipts, brochures, product packaging or print marketing materials. Improve product packaging and enhance user experience to the next level by adding a qr-code to it. It can link to instructional videos, walkthroughs for products and always fresh new content. Your imagination is the cornerstone for engaging people on social media marketing channels.

Make your marketing campaigns viral-friendly with our customizable mobile pages and increase your followers. Track your campaign performance with detailed statistics about each scan.

Start with a great idea of why customers should scan the code and make sure that your call-to-action is never missed by making the code large and readable enough. You can also add the short URL we provide for your mobile-friendly page for some users convinience.

Forward The simplest of all qr-codes linking any page on the web such as your home page, video, contact form, social media page, etc. Forward people to your brand without typing while tracking location, get statistics and imrpove their user experience. All Forward qr-codes are dynamic, which means that you can change target URLs after the printing and distribution of your qr-code. Get statistics about number of scans, time, place,smartphone operating system used for each scan, location of the user. This data recorded in real time will help manage campaigns effortles. We let you download QR codes in high-quality image file formats: PNG, EPS, SVG and PDF. The vector images can used for all printing or design purposes.

Personal Quickly create scannable QR Codes displaying your personal contact and social info, perfect for printing at the back of your business cards.

Customers using our QR-Codes from YouScan.me


Location Tracking Track the actual GEO location where QR Codes have been scanned and browse all the scans on an interactive map.

Campaigns Organize QR codes into campaigns and follow the combined campaign results. Perfect for agencies.

Real Time Analytics Our real-time analytics lets you get a deep insight of your QR Code performance with a number of charts to interact with.

CSV Export Export and analyze your QR Codes data. Build charts and graphs with an easy CSV file export.

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