Sportsgirl use QR codes for Window Shopping

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Sportsgirl, an Australian multichannel retailer, has launched a window shop with QR codes. Sportsgirl products are displayed on the shopfront’s windows, and customers can scan the product’s QR code with their smartphone or iPad to make an immediate purchase. It is a true 24/7 shopping experience which can be updated to feature the latest styles and providing customers with a greater choice nationwide.

“We bring the shopping experience to life,” says Prue Thomas, Strategic Brand Manager for Sportsgirl. “It’s about being able to engage with your customer in a meaningful way in their environment.”

Emart use Shadow QR Code to boost sales

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Emart has totally new approach for boosting sales in lunch hour by using QR codes. The artwork expands a concept of QR code from digital 2D image which is composed of 0 and 1 to analog 3D figure which has width, height and depth. It makes the code created by the installation unique in other general QR codes and brings the attention of many people. Combinations of black and white pixels are replaced to the depth of the figures in the installed artwork creating shadows with the sunlight.

“Let’s give people a unique lunch shopping experience. To install a shadow QR code, using the sunlight and shadow that works only from 12pm to 1pm”

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Sweza hides his art behind QR Codes

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Berlin based artist Sweza is making Berlin the Hometown of QR code urban art.

“I am using QR Codes to preserve graffiti for posterity by photographing the graffiti before it is removed. After the graffiti has been cleaned off by the local authorities or building owners i place a QR Code in the exact location which resolves to an image of the original. In that way a mobile phone with a QR-Code Reader can be used to travel back in time.” says Sweza.

He hides his art behind QR codes and this is great idea.

Here is video by ARTE Creative on his work.

We would love to see other street artists adopting QR codes in order to make their art interactive.

Do you want be the first to advertise on a QR code tattoo

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After the guy who has made a QR code haircut here comes a man that has QR Code Tattoo, but the difference is that he is offering it up to brands and businesses as a sponsorship package. The highest advertising bidder can have own content linked to this rather crazy young man’s arm. Watch the video below and find out more info here.

QR code SRCH by Starbucks

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Starbucks SRCH was a two-week scavenger hunt in partnership with Lady Gaga. It started with a cryptic QR code, and led players through a series of cerebral and digital clues. Participants visited blogs and Starbucks digital properties to decode messages that involved math, logic, reading, and pop culture.


Air Fest Quebec set World Record Size QR Code

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Here is QR code construction in St-Janvier de Mirabel by Air Fest which sets a new benchmark at a massive 15,625 square feet QR code. Air Fest is Quebec is aiming at at World Biggest QR code title with heir QR code so check out the video below.


Scandinavian Airlines use QR Codes in innovative way

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Scandinavian Airlines displayed two QR Codes as part of their “Couple Up to Buckle Up”  2 for 1 travel campaign. The copy accompanying the QR Codes instructed consumers to scan the left and right codes simultaneously with two different mobile phones and to then bring the two phones together. When the scan resolve video played, the separate left and right mobile phone screens essentially made one split screen, which then enabled the two participating consumers to view the video properly and discover the special 2 for 1 promotional code (see video above). If played individually, the left or right scan resolve video content would be close to meaningless.

QR Codes in the school classroom

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This video illustrates how QR Codes can be used to enhance learning opportunities for students at McGuffey School District in Claysville, PA.

Bridget Carey’s Tech Review on QR Codes

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Do you know how to use a QR code? Miami Herald technology reporter Bridget Carey helps you decipher the trend of two-dimensional barcodes.

Creating the LED QR Code by Instructables

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Take a behind the scenes look at how Instructables created the LED QR Code for RadioShack’s The Great Create.