Cheque Dejeuner offer QR codes info to visitors of its reastaurant

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Le Cheque Dejeuner QR Code

Le Cheque Dejeuner QR Code

Cheque Dejeuner will start to offer lunch vouchers to restaurant visitors in Toulouse from September 5th. By scanning the QR code the user access a personalized restaurant’s page where will find contact information, menus, offerings, etc.. , Much information updates directly by the restaurant. The user can also navigate to a page explaining the generic Cheque Dejeuner services.

The Cheque Dejeuner application offers several services such as geolocation for restaurants you and various other information.

DHL use QR codes in creatives

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DHL Israel use QR Code

DHL use QR codes in creatives to lead Israelis people who scan it to its site. Although they didn’t follow the simple rule that content should be mobile formatted, it is nice to see another company of that size adopting QR codes in their creatives. The creative is done by QaReFun.

National Rail use QR code to let you plan your train trip

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National Rail QR code on train ticket - 2012 London Olympic games

The 2012 Olympic Games in London will start soon and we are happy to see that National Rail use QR codes to let you plan your train trips. If you have ticket for the Games they let you buy exclusive train ticket after scanning the QR code.

Source : nickj365

Building a New World Record QR Code

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Here is Youth Charity Youth Unlimited North York’s plan to build world’s largest QR code. It consists of 1,369 black and white 4 foot squares, which were laid out in the Esther Shiner Stadium by volunteers and formed into a QR Code. The QR code resolves to Watch some videos below. Read the rest of this entry »

QR Codes are recognized and used by wider audience

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GoDaddy QR code TV Commercial

Today I stumbled across two different studies that should convince you in the growth of QR codes. I am more happy to share with you the data collected by Accenture’s survey among 1,000 U.S. consumers over the age of 18 to measure their understanding and usage of the social media symbols that appear during television programming. Participants were shown images of various social media symbols and asked a series of questions about their familiarity and use of them while watching television. Read the rest of this entry »

Create Hi-Res Vector QR Codes with

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YouScanMe Vector QR Codes


We are very happy to present you the latest update of As always we are trying to make handling QR codes easier and now we give you the option to download Hi-Res Vector files of your QR codes. When you choose to Download your code you can now choose between vector .EPS .SVG or .PDF  file formats which are ideal for hi-res printing. There are options to put custom colors to the background and foreground (blocks) to fit your desired needs of placement.

Добро пожаловать! Bienvenue! YouScanMe available in Russian and French

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YouScanMe available in Russian and French. How to change languages?

We are very happy to announce you that YouScanMe is now available in Russian and French. We welcome all Russian and French users to switch their language settings and use our QR code generator in native language.

You can select your preferred language from the upper right corner of the site and for your convenience we will remember you choice and all page you view will be in this language. You can always change your selection and use YouScanMe in whatever language you want.

How QR Code are scanned and understood by college kids

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QR Codes usage by college kids in USA

Here is infographic which describes the habbits of college kids to scan and understood QR codes. It has been done with data collected interviewing 534 students across 24 college campuses in USA.  Read the rest of this entry »

Google lets you sign in to your account via QR Code

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Google QR Code login
Here is another evidence that QR codes are here to stay. Now you can sign Into Your Google Account on Public Computers Without Typing Anything. What you have to do is to point the computer’s browser at It will display a QR code which you need to scan and when your phone’s browser visits the URL encoded in the QR code, in knows that you are authorising the sign in process and you are logged to your account.

You have to be logged into your Google account on your phone to do this.

QR Code Cows

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Gildas is a farmer and chose to sell his dairy products directly to the consumer by placing QR codes on his 70+ cows. Check out the video below.