Emart use Shadow QR Code to boost sales

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Emart has totally new approach for boosting sales in lunch hour by using QR codes. The artwork expands a concept of QR code from digital 2D image which is composed of 0 and 1 to analog 3D figure which has width, height and depth. It makes the code created by the installation unique in other general QR codes and brings the attention of many people. Combinations of black and white pixels are replaced to the depth of the figures in the installed artwork creating shadows with the sunlight.

“Let’s give people a unique lunch shopping experience. To install a shadow QR code, using the sunlight and shadow that works only from 12pm to 1pm”

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Sweza hides his art behind QR Codes

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Berlin based artist Sweza is making Berlin the Hometown of QR code urban art.

“I am using QR Codes to preserve graffiti for posterity by photographing the graffiti before it is removed. After the graffiti has been cleaned off by the local authorities or building owners i place a QR Code in the exact location which resolves to an image of the original. In that way a mobile phone with a QR-Code Reader can be used to travel back in time.” says Sweza.

He hides his art behind QR codes and this is great idea.

Here is video by ARTE Creative on his work.

We would love to see other street artists adopting QR codes in order to make their art interactive.

QR Codes are recognized and used by wider audience

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GoDaddy QR code TV Commercial

Today I stumbled across two different studies that should convince you in the growth of QR codes. I am more happy to share with you the data collected by Accenture’s survey among 1,000 U.S. consumers over the age of 18 to measure their understanding and usage of the social media symbols that appear during television programming. Participants were shown images of various social media symbols and asked a series of questions about their familiarity and use of them while watching television. Read the rest of this entry »

Do you want be the first to advertise on a QR code tattoo

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After the guy who has made a QR code haircut here comes a man that has QR Code Tattoo, but the difference is that he is offering it up to brands and businesses as a sponsorship package. The highest advertising bidder can have own content linked to this rather crazy young man’s arm. Watch the video below and find out more info here.

Some Guidelines to achieve WOW factor for your QR Code

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QR Code guidelines to achieve WOW Factor

QR Codes are loved by marketers because first they grab your attention and make customer do requested action. As with most things in marketing they need some thought behind them in order to be effective. First we need to start with a reason which led us to creation of QR codes. So you should ask yourself some questions – Is the code promoting a product? Is it providing instructional information or video? Is it for tracking customer response? Is it meant deliver your personal details and information? In short, QR codes must always serve a purpose and it must be done to enhance or extend the medium in which it appears. Here are some guidelines to follow when using QR codes:
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QR code SRCH by Starbucks

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Starbucks SRCH was a two-week scavenger hunt in partnership with Lady Gaga. It started with a cryptic QR code, and led players through a series of cerebral and digital clues. Participants visited blogs and Starbucks digital properties to decode messages that involved math, logic, reading, and pop culture.


Create Hi-Res Vector QR Codes with YouScan.me

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YouScanMe Vector QR Codes


We are very happy to present you the latest update of YouScan.me. As always we are trying to make handling QR codes easier and now we give you the option to download Hi-Res Vector files of your QR codes. When you choose to Download your code you can now choose between vector .EPS .SVG or .PDF  file formats which are ideal for hi-res printing. There are options to put custom colors to the background and foreground (blocks) to fit your desired needs of placement.

How to make home made QR Code chocolate

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Homemade QR Code chocolate
Here is video made by YouTube user decocookie showing how to make home made QR Code chocolate. It has encoded romantic message which you can see after scanning the code. Watch the video below and do it for yourself if you want.

Knockout Events present Sold Out with QR code on flyer

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Knockout Events Sold Out QR Code on flyer

We are happy to see that Knockout Events’ flyer for Sold Out event on 28.04.12 @ The Coronet Theatre, London is featuring large and easy to scan QR code. When scanned it leads you to their site ( which is non mobile formatted for pity, check out our tip about mobile content ) featuring Carlo Lio welcoming note.


Добро пожаловать! Bienvenue! YouScanMe available in Russian and French

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YouScanMe available in Russian and French. How to change languages?

We are very happy to announce you that YouScanMe is now available in Russian and French. We welcome all Russian and French users to switch their language settings and use our QR code generator in native language.

You can select your preferred language from the upper right corner of the site and for your convenience we will remember you choice and all page you view will be in this language. You can always change your selection and use YouScanMe in whatever language you want.