Scan edible QR codes on sushi and discover where their fish was caught

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scan a code to reveal where fish was caught

scan a code to reveal where fish was caught

Marine Stewardship Council is the world’s leading eco-labelling program for sustainable seafood, which well known to shoppers buying pre-packed seafood. Their goal is to raise awareness of the eco-label amongst diners and the restaurant trade.
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Cheque Dejeuner offer QR codes info to visitors of its reastaurant

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Le Cheque Dejeuner QR Code

Le Cheque Dejeuner QR Code

Cheque Dejeuner will start to offer lunch vouchers to restaurant visitors in Toulouse from September 5th. By scanning the QR code the user access a personalized restaurant’s page where will find contact information, menus, offerings, etc.. , Much information updates directly by the restaurant. The user can also navigate to a page explaining the generic Cheque Dejeuner services.

The Cheque Dejeuner application offers several services such as geolocation for restaurants you and various other information.

Decoding QR Codes – Infographic

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You probably see more and more QR codes everyday and if you wonder how other companies or individuals use them here is a nice infographic on this. the whole brain group has made it and we want to share it with you because effective QR campaigns can augment other marketing efforts such as social media and email campaigns to aid in your digital success.

Decoding QR Codes

Decoding QR Codes

DHL use QR codes in creatives

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DHL Israel use QR Code

DHL use QR codes in creatives to lead Israelis people who scan it to its site. Although they didn’t follow the simple rule that content should be mobile formatted, it is nice to see another company of that size adopting QR codes in their creatives. The creative is done by QaReFun.

Volvic uses QR code to let you play interactive game

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Here is example how you can engage your customers with QR codes. Volvic, a juice producer, has printed QR codes on the packaging of the juices which when scanned forward you to their mobile site where you can play interactive game. Scan it for yourself to get idea of their implementation.

Sportsgirl use QR codes for Window Shopping

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Sportsgirl, an Australian multichannel retailer, has launched a window shop with QR codes. Sportsgirl products are displayed on the shopfront’s windows, and customers can scan the product’s QR code with their smartphone or iPad to make an immediate purchase. It is a true 24/7 shopping experience which can be updated to feature the latest styles and providing customers with a greater choice nationwide.

“We bring the shopping experience to life,” says Prue Thomas, Strategic Brand Manager for Sportsgirl. “It’s about being able to engage with your customer in a meaningful way in their environment.”

National Rail use QR code to let you plan your train trip

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National Rail QR code on train ticket - 2012 London Olympic games

The 2012 Olympic Games in London will start soon and we are happy to see that National Rail use QR codes to let you plan your train trips. If you have ticket for the Games they let you buy exclusive train ticket after scanning the QR code.

Source : nickj365

QR code innovation in North Korea

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QR Code Arirang North Korea Festival

Here is how North Korea innovates and use QR code during the yearly Arirang festival. It is amazing to see how even countries considered as low tech are in love with QR codes and use them.

Source : sndrv

Building a New World Record QR Code

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Here is Youth Charity Youth Unlimited North York’s plan to build world’s largest QR code. It consists of 1,369 black and white 4 foot squares, which were laid out in the Esther Shiner Stadium by volunteers and formed into a QR Code. The QR code resolves to Watch some videos below. Read the rest of this entry »

Michaels use QR code to let you download their mobile app

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Michaels QR Code usage for download apps

Michaels Stores, the largest specialty retailer of arts, crafts, framing, floral, wall decor, scrapbooking and much more, are taking a step forward and use QR code to let you download their mobile app for iPhone and Android. They have placed the QR code on brochures and on their site and it links to mobile site with links to App Store and Google Play. Below is photo taken from their customer. Read the rest of this entry »