Why US consumers scan QR Codes

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Why consumers scan QR Codes

Here is one of the fundamental question when it comes to customer behavior and QR code scanning in United States. Why consumers scan QR Codes? When adding QR codes to your marketing campaign, you have to know and understand what motivates people to scan your QR code. Getting coupon, discount or deal and entering a contest or sweepstakes, and getting additional information of the product your are looking at are the top reason for scanning QR Codes. Making a purchase, along with viewing video or connecting on social media are the other reasons for scanning with significant percent of responders.

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QR Codes in the Wild – BoConcept

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BoConcept QR Code use on store window
With this post I want to present you how random people or companies are using QR codes to present information to those who scan. Here is QR code usage by BoConcept, the luxury and interior decoration provider, on the front of their stores. The photo is taken by Ian Kennedy and shared on Flickr, and I have seen this QR code on BoConcept’s store in Sofia, BG. Scan the code or view where it will lead you after the jump.
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QR Code Calibrated To Provide Mobile Augmented Reality

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I just saw great video on YouTube by Nikolaos Tsouknidas, which is demonstration of his graduation project. It consist how QR codes can be calibrated with the user’s position in a mobile AR system.

The gravitational and compassing sensors of the device take over after the initial calibration, to calculate exactly where the user is looking at inside the augmented panorama. Augmented objects like images, video and sounds can then be attached. The calibration technique using a 2d barcode is intuitively done, and user generated content can then be created for a certain QR-Code location, so when a different user scans the same tag, the content will be downloaded. The main target is social networking Augmented Reality, and locative data sharing.

You can see how far we can go using QR codes to link online content to anything.

Hello QR World!

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Hello to all of You who create, scan or just want to learn more about QR codes. In this blog we will cover topics for newbies, QR code in use examples along with how-to guides and tips.

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