Import info from LinkedIn, Twitter or Gravatar to Personal QR Codes

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Import personal info from LinkedIn, Twitter and Gravatar ready QR codeWe are constantly working to improve your user experience and make easier the process of creating QR codes. Our latest improvement lets you import personal info from LinkedIn, Twitter or Gravatar, which simplifies the whole process to just link accounts or input your username. Along with the personal info now you can have your avatar pic displayed when people scan your code ( see the example on the left ).

Here is how it looks like our dashboard where you create QR code.

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How to use QR codes to gain Twitter followers

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Follow us on Twitter and be updated with latest tips, marketing news and case studies

Creating QR Codes that link to your Twitter profile is effective way to interact with socially engaged people and let them follow you on Twitter. People just have to scan your code and follow your tweets. You can constantly update them with your latest ideas, information or any kind of content you like.

Whether you use QR code for sharing your Twitter profile or gathering followers remember to give a reward to the user. For example you can say “Follow us on Twitter and be updated with latest trends and promotions.”

Here is step by step guide How to create QR code for Twitter profile:
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QR Codes used by Peanut Butter & Co.

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Peanut Butter & Co. business cards

Peanut Butter & Co. is another example of success companies that use QR codes to promote its products. When you look in their company history you will find our that innovation and forwards thinking is essential for them and that lead to usage of QR codes. They realize that QR codes are quick and easy way for customers to stay involved with the company. Read the rest of this entry »

Arda Beach use QR codes for check-in and social marketing

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Arda Beach us QR code for social marketing

Arda Beach, a very nice beach bar at one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful rivers Arda, use our QR code generator to create codes.

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QR Code Rules: Focus Beyond the Code

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YouScanMe dashboard content options

QR Code can be designed if fashion ways to reflect your message and brand identity, but remember that the most important is the content which people view after the scan. QR codes can be great tool to create buzz about something. You need to have great and engaging content to satisfy those who scan.

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