Scandinavian Airlines use QR Codes in innovative way

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Scandinavian Airlines displayed two QR Codes as part of their “Couple Up to Buckle Up”  2 for 1 travel campaign. The copy accompanying the QR Codes instructed consumers to scan the left and right codes simultaneously with two different mobile phones and to then bring the two phones together. When the scan resolve video played, the separate left and right mobile phone screens essentially made one split screen, which then enabled the two participating consumers to view the video properly and discover the special 2 for 1 promotional code (see video above). If played individually, the left or right scan resolve video content would be close to meaningless.

Key West Express Use QR Codes to Raise Social Engagement

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keywestexpress main

The Key West Express is a high speed passenger ferry service that has proudly provided round trip transportation for 17 years between the gulf coast of Florida and America’s Southernmost destination, Key West! Key West Express allows our guests to escape the hassles of the long drive and traffic.   Passengers are able to relax in the comfort of our climate controlled cabins, watch one of our flat screen TV’s, enjoy a cocktail and a bite to eat while viewing the majestic gulf waters.
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