Video : QR Code Applications in Education

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QR Codes Applications in Education Video
QR codes and education go hand in hand these days. We have covered some topics how they can be used in education and to educate kids and we think that QR codes have real exciting future in this sphere. An excellent presentation, which again highlights how QR codes can be used´╗┐ in education, is available after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »

How QR Codes Can Be Used in Education?

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QR codes can be used in education
Using QR Codes in classroom or general in education becomes common these days. Teachers are starting to implement them in many ways, because they saw amazing learning opportunity in them. Some of them understood that adding QR codes to items students use every day can be essential for faster learning and accessing online stuff like videos, stats, graphs, etc. with ease. QR codes can lead to book trailers to the backs of library books, to math worksheets with video tutorials of how to solve the problems or to the school literary magazine, a gallery of all the artwork that was submitted but couldn’t fit in the print version and many more. Read the rest of this entry »