QR Codes and SEO

Author: | Posted: September 19th, 2011 | Category: News | 1 Comment »

QR Codes SEO
Are QR Codes and SEO are walking arm in arm or QR Codes are enemies of SEO marketers? This is quite asked question and here are some opinions. Anise Smith thinks that SEO marketers are concerned that quick response codes can actually disrupt their search engine marketing or SEM strategies because QR codes can lead you directly to a website without the need for search engines. This is meaningful by the reason that searcher simply uses the “QR-as-navigation” to be immediately directed to the website or brand they are looking for, then all the efforts of SEO marketers will be put to waste. That makes people no longer competing for top search engine rank results. You have to simply open your QR reader application, scan the code and it will take you there, but don’t forget you need a QR Code in hand to be scanned.
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