QR Code Cows

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Gildas is a farmer and chose to sell his dairy products directly to the consumer by placing QR codes on his 70+ cows. Check out the video below.

QR Codes and Windows Shopping – eBay Inspiration Shop

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eBay Inspiration shop using QR Codes

Like we said before it is very good to sell eBay items through QR Codes eBay and now we see the eBay Inspiration Shop. It has taken window shopping in NY to the next level. In basic it is a 24/7 “shoppable” storefront with interactive windows showcasing a collection of new, must-have merchandise for the fall season—from denim to digital cameras, engines to eReaders and wristwatches to new wheels. Check out video after the jump.

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Sell Your Car using QR codes

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sell cars on ebay using QR Code
QR codes are an easy and free way to increase sales with very little effort. If you are looking to sell your car QR codes can produce results quickly and make a positive influence on your bottom line. Both automotive businesses and individuals can use QR codes to sell cars, offer promotions and information.

If you are selling you car by yourself you can embed description of you car, link to photos, price, etc. The other option we provide you is to sell your car on eBay using QR codes (check out our article about selling on eBay using QR codes). For that you have to publish it on eBay, have account with us and generate your eBay QR code. We create mobile landing page where people who scan the code are pointed to and there your offer is listed. Read the rest of this entry »

Sell Items on eBay Using QR codes

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youscan ebay sell items Selling on eBay is more or less like selling items in any other marketplace, you need to have thing that people want to buy and promote it well. This is absolutely true if you have real world business who as well in shops sell stuff on eBay. If you are in this group of traders we welcome you to join YouScanMe and create QR codes for your eBay items.
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