Create Hi-Res Vector QR Codes with

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YouScanMe Vector QR Codes


We are very happy to present you the latest update of As always we are trying to make handling QR codes easier and now we give you the option to download Hi-Res Vector files of your QR codes. When you choose to Download your code you can now choose between vector .EPS .SVG or .PDF  file formats which are ideal for hi-res printing. There are options to put custom colors to the background and foreground (blocks) to fit your desired needs of placement.

QR Codes Create Marketing Magic In Branson

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Branson, Missouri is a unique resort destination nestled among the beautiful Ozark mountains and pristine lakes of Southwest Missouri.  Branson is often referred to as the “Live Music Show Capital of the World,” and for good reason.  With a population of just over 10,000 residents, the town is visited by well over 8 Million tourists each year who come to sample the wide variety of entertainment to be discovered.

What makes Branson unique among all other travel destinations, are hundreds of family friendly shows and activities for visiting guests to choose from. This vast array of attractions creates a need for marketing professionals to create promotional materials that not only stand out from the crowd, but also engage their prospective audience with online social media.  Both of these objectives are easily solved by implementing the free QR Code services to be found at Is An Essential Marketing Service

Since my business partners and I first opened our magical Branson variety show in 2004, the marketing materials promoting the Hamner Barber Variety Show have evolved to reflect new additions, as well as provide a freshness to our advertising and promotional materials.

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QR Codes and Windows Shopping – eBay Inspiration Shop

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eBay Inspiration shop using QR Codes

Like we said before it is very good to sell eBay items through QR Codes eBay and now we see the eBay Inspiration Shop. It has taken window shopping in NY to the next level. In basic it is a 24/7 “shoppable” storefront with interactive windows showcasing a collection of new, must-have merchandise for the fall season—from denim to digital cameras, engines to eReaders and wristwatches to new wheels. Check out video after the jump.

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How to use QR codes to gain Twitter followers

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Follow us on Twitter and be updated with latest tips, marketing news and case studies

Creating QR Codes that link to your Twitter profile is effective way to interact with socially engaged people and let them follow you on Twitter. People just have to scan your code and follow your tweets. You can constantly update them with your latest ideas, information or any kind of content you like.

Whether you use QR code for sharing your Twitter profile or gathering followers remember to give a reward to the user. For example you can say “Follow us on Twitter and be updated with latest trends and promotions.”

Here is step by step guide How to create QR code for Twitter profile:
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What’s The Business Value of QR Codes?

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Hubspot talks about business us of qr codes

Yesterday we read interesting article by Magdalena Georgieva which topic is about the business value of QR codes. Questions like what exactly is the business value of QR codes or what ways can QR codes impact your business are asked and they have a video episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast which explains it in short.

Watch it here and read the article here

Qkies combine cooking and QR codes

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qkies qr code cookies
And that is innovative approach! We show you how QR codes can be used in almost any offline object and now we are excited about Qkies – German company which combines QR codes and cookie mix to create yummy edible personalized messages.
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QR Codes Usage Stats for the Q3 2011

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QR Code operating system stats for Q3 2011

Here are some inside stats of QR code usage and penetration in world for Q3 2011. Since our last stats for the First half of 2011 we saw growth in both creation and scans of QR Codes. However we have some change in places when it comes to devices used to scan codes. Last period Android phones lead iPhones with more than 8%, but now we have a different picture. In Q3 2011 iPhones are responsible for 30.19% of scans, with Androids responsible for 22.78%, which is a total game changer when we compare metrics from the last period and now. Here is some catch, so take a look at the graph and you will see a HUGE part of 28.15% of the scans which OS is marked as “not set”. From my experience and some research about Google Analytics i understood that these are mainly Android and Windows Phones so the final numbers will be different.
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The 10 Commandments Of QR Code Marketing

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10 commandments of qr code marketing
Using QR Codes in marketing has many implementations you can read about here, but in any case you have to follow the 10 Commandments Of QR Code Marketing.

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QR Codes and SEO

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QR Codes SEO
Are QR Codes and SEO are walking arm in arm or QR Codes are enemies of SEO marketers? This is quite asked question and here are some opinions. Anise Smith thinks that SEO marketers are concerned that quick response codes can actually disrupt their search engine marketing or SEM strategies because QR codes can lead you directly to a website without the need for search engines. This is meaningful by the reason that searcher simply uses the “QR-as-navigation” to be immediately directed to the website or brand they are looking for, then all the efforts of SEO marketers will be put to waste. That makes people no longer competing for top search engine rank results. You have to simply open your QR reader application, scan the code and it will take you there, but don’t forget you need a QR Code in hand to be scanned.
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FC Barcelona use QR codes to promote Barça Fans and lets you win T-Shirt

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FC Barcelone uses QR Code to promote barca fans

We are very happy to see one of the greatest football clubs in the world FC Barcelona start using QR Codes. They placed several posters with QR codes around its grounds at Camp Nou with the will to give all visitors to the stadium the chance to win a shirt signed by the first team football squad. All they have to do is register as Barça Fans at on their mobiles between August 9 and September 15.

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