National Rail use QR code to let you plan your train trip

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National Rail QR code on train ticket - 2012 London Olympic games

The 2012 Olympic Games in London will start soon and we are happy to see that National Rail use QR codes to let you plan your train trips. If you have ticket for the Games they let you buy exclusive train ticket after scanning the QR code.

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QR code innovation in North Korea

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QR Code Arirang North Korea Festival

Here is how North Korea innovates and use QR code during the yearly Arirang festival. It is amazing to see how even countries considered as low tech are in love with QR codes and use them.

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Building a New World Record QR Code

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Here is Youth Charity Youth Unlimited North York’s plan to build world’s largest QR code. It consists of 1,369 black and white 4 foot squares, which were laid out in the Esther Shiner Stadium by volunteers and formed into a QR Code. The QR code resolves to Watch some videos below. Read the rest of this entry »

Do you want be the first to advertise on a QR code tattoo

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After the guy who has made a QR code haircut here comes a man that has QR Code Tattoo, but the difference is that he is offering it up to brands and businesses as a sponsorship package. The highest advertising bidder can have own content linked to this rather crazy young man’s arm. Watch the video below and find out more info here.

QR code SRCH by Starbucks

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Starbucks SRCH was a two-week scavenger hunt in partnership with Lady Gaga. It started with a cryptic QR code, and led players through a series of cerebral and digital clues. Participants visited blogs and Starbucks digital properties to decode messages that involved math, logic, reading, and pop culture.


Google lets you sign in to your account via QR Code

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Google QR Code login
Here is another evidence that QR codes are here to stay. Now you can sign Into Your Google Account on Public Computers Without Typing Anything. What you have to do is to point the computer’s browser at It will display a QR code which you need to scan and when your phone’s browser visits the URL encoded in the QR code, in knows that you are authorising the sign in process and you are logged to your account.

You have to be logged into your Google account on your phone to do this.

QR Code stats for 2011

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We saw tremendous growth in QR code usage in 2011. We have made some stats for the first half and 3rd quarter of 2011 and now we want to present you deeper statistics of overall usage of QR codes created with

We saw an increase of 800% of QR codes scanned when comparing January 2011 and December 2011. Below is detailed data of all scans made through 2011.

QR Code Stats for 2011 - Operating Systems

As you can see from the graph, the majority of scans come from iOS and Android devices. Scans made from iPhone hold the first place with 28.29%, second is Android holding 24.92%, followed by Windows Phones – 9.66% and BlackBerry phones – 5.66%. When counting the scans by OS we need to add iPods (1.78%) and iPads (0.83%) to the iOS numbers. When it comes to mobile device branding Apple holds the first place, followed by HTC, Samsung, RIM, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG and Nokia.
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Mall of America use QR code to give you $1,000 shopping spree prize

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Mall of America QR Code contest

Malls can also be on the QR code wave and Mall of America is one of them. It was offering guests the chance to snap a QR code to win $1,000 shopping spree from Black Friday through Dec. 23. Holiday Snap+Win codes was placed on food court tables, digital signage and on the back of guest service staff t-shirts. Guests used their smartphone to snap the tag and enter through an electronic entry form. The winner was drawn and notified on Christmas Eve.

When scanned the QR code leads you to this page, which except of the promotion has info about the working hours, events, sale, etc.

Share your SoundCloud Music or Profile with QR Code

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QR Code for embed SoundCloud profile and music

QR codes are invading the music industry and as always we are here to let you share music through QR codes. We made possible to embed SoundCloud widget to our QR codes which can shows either your profile there or music of your choice. This can be great for artists who want to share more info about their music projects, give unreleased or demo tracks to the public, or just add a music experience to those who scan the code.

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Use QR code for Facebook Like Promo

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Arda Beach QR Code Facebook Like

One of the services we offer you is the creation of QR codes for Liking Facebook Fan pages. Looking at our stats I can say these QR codes are the most created ones and it makes sense when you have in mind the 750+ million Facebook users. All industries (Retail, professional services, automotive, health care, hospitality, food, recreation, entertainment, education) are adopting QR codes for linking to Facebook for growing the Facebook fan base and to increase the number of Facebook product “Likes”. This is true because QR codes can be used to link the non-digital and digital everytime and everywhere.
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