Emart use Shadow QR Code to boost sales

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Emart has totally new approach for boosting sales in lunch hour by using QR codes. The artwork expands a concept of QR code from digital 2D image which is composed of 0 and 1 to analog 3D figure which has width, height and depth. It makes the code created by the installation unique in other general QR codes and brings the attention of many people. Combinations of black and white pixels are replaced to the depth of the figures in the installed artwork creating shadows with the sunlight.

“Let’s give people a unique lunch shopping experience. To install a shadow QR code, using the sunlight and shadow that works only from 12pm to 1pm”

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Mall of America use QR code to give you $1,000 shopping spree prize

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Mall of America QR Code contest

Malls can also be on the QR code wave and Mall of America is one of them. It was offering guests the chance to snap a QR code to win $1,000 shopping spree from Black Friday through Dec. 23. Holiday Snap+Win codes was placed on food court tables, digital signage and on the back of guest service staff t-shirts. Guests used their smartphone to snap the tag and enter through an electronic entry form. The winner was drawn and notified on Christmas Eve.

When scanned the QR code leads you to this page, which except of the promotion has info about the working hours, events, sale, etc.

Scan a QR Code to Scratch Mobile Promo

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PromoMee, which are in QR code marketing business and has mobile apps, has deployed QR Codes in Patrick Morin Retail Stores to make a promotion. People who scan the QR code are involved in promo where they have to Scratch your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to reveal a promotion’s prize. And please don’t use a coin 🙂

Here is a video of it in action.

How Kum & Go use QR code for STORE WARS Promotion

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Kum and Go Store Wars qr code closeup
Earlier this year a convenience store retailer sought to create an engaging way to interact with customers for their summer promotion and got it right – QR codes. Kum & Go, a convenience store chain with more than 400 stores in 11 states throughout the Midwest, used a QR code above their fountain drink area that when scanned, directed customers to a mobile version of the summer contest site.
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