Добро пожаловать! Bienvenue! YouScanMe available in Russian and French

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YouScanMe available in Russian and French. How to change languages?

We are very happy to announce you that YouScanMe is now available in Russian and French. We welcome all Russian and French users to switch their language settings and use our QR code generator in native language.

You can select your preferred language from the upper right corner of the site and for your convenience we will remember you choice and all page you view will be in this language. You can always change your selection and use YouScanMe in whatever language you want.

Audi use QR code to present Talents Awards

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Audi Qube3 QR code on column

Here is how one of the major car manufacturers Audi use QR codes to present their Talents Awards in France. The codes has been printed on both vehicles parked and driven around the city, and on mirror columns symbolizing the Qube3 from Audi. When scanned the QR code leads you to perfectly organized mobile site with information about the awards, videos and inspiration talks from participants.

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BEST WESTERN Hotel Le Montparnasse use QR code to present Room Amenities

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hotel montparnasse qr code pdf

Yesterday I talked about how much QR codes have penetrated in French capital Paris. Now I will continue this topic with a QR code use by hotel. I stayed in BEST WESTERN Hotel Le Montparnasse and they are using QR code to present room amenities in the hotel. It was printed on the brochure with card dock locks they gave me and when scanned it leads to PDF describing hotel facilites. Check out how it look like and scan it after the jump.

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KONICA MINOLTA use QR Code to present Optimizer

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I was in Paris last week and was very pleasantly surprised to see QR codes used everywhere. From brochures, tickets, instructional cards to billboard ads. I will present you some which got my attention and the first one is the QR code KONICA MINOLTA use to present their latest product – Optimizer. They have printed two QR codes on the billboard – international one for Europe and local for France, and when scanned leads you to mobile site which introduces you to the product. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 10 countries for mobile barcode usage (excluding Japan) Q4/2010

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Mobile QR Code Globe -Top 10 Countries for barcode usage Here is list with top 10 countries for using QR Codes:

1. United States
2. Italy
3. Germany
4. Hong Kong
5. France
6. Canada
7. United Kingdom
8. Netherlands
9. Thailand
10. South Korea

There was significant growth in mobile QR code usage from 3Q2010 to 4Q2010 across many countries. For the first time, the US was the largest country in terms of absolute numbers of scans. It’s important to note that, while smartphone penetration is about 30% in the US, it’s population size makes this large relative to other countries.