Export Campaign’s data to CSV

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Campaign Manager export CSV

Analyzing how people interact with your code is essential for any marketer who want to achieve better results. We recently made available exporting of QR code data to CSV. Probably most of you have organized their QR codes in campaigns and tracking results for separate codes in a campaign and comparing how they perform is a must option, that’s why we just added the option to export CSV containing data for all the QR codes in separate campaign. The process of exportiung CSV for campaign is straightforward, just open Campaign Manager, select desired campaign and click on the Export CSV button.
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YouScan.me now allows exporting data to CSV

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Export to CSV YouScan.me

I want to introduce you the latest of our constantly released new features. It lets you export stats data about your code in CSV format, so you can create graphs, analyze the scans and the behavior of users.

In the CSV you get data about geography of the clicks ( all clicks made from its creation sorted by countries ) and scans by date, which is available for 1 month in the past from date you are exporting the CSV. So if you want fresh and overlapping stats to work with we suggest exporting your data at least once per month.

In future we are planning to have more data you can export, like deeper geography of the scans, device with which scan is made and some more.