Mall of America use QR code to give you $1,000 shopping spree prize

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Mall of America QR Code contest

Malls can also be on the QR code wave and Mall of America is one of them. It was offering guests the chance to snap a QR code to win $1,000 shopping spree from Black Friday through Dec. 23. Holiday Snap+Win codes was placed on food court tables, digital signage and on the back of guest service staff t-shirts. Guests used their smartphone to snap the tag and enter through an electronic entry form. The winner was drawn and notified on Christmas Eve.

When scanned the QR code leads you to this page, which except of the promotion has info about the working hours, events, sale, etc.

FC Barcelona use QR codes to promote Barça Fans and lets you win T-Shirt

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FC Barcelone uses QR Code to promote barca fans

We are very happy to see one of the greatest football clubs in the world FC Barcelona start using QR Codes. They placed several posters with QR codes around its grounds at Camp Nou with the will to give all visitors to the stadium the chance to win a shirt signed by the first team football squad. All they have to do is register as Barça Fans at on their mobiles between August 9 and September 15.

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QR Code on FUEL Energy Beverage Plays Video

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fuel video qr code vidcon

FUEL Energy Beverage use QR codes leading to video on 200,000 Cans. When scanned it leads you to DJ MusicJanner’s Official “Going To Vidcon” music video. It is the first Vidcon video to be linked from the QR Code. Watch the video after the break.
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Why US consumers scan QR Codes

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Why consumers scan QR Codes

Here is one of the fundamental question when it comes to customer behavior and QR code scanning in United States. Why consumers scan QR Codes? When adding QR codes to your marketing campaign, you have to know and understand what motivates people to scan your QR code. Getting coupon, discount or deal and entering a contest or sweepstakes, and getting additional information of the product your are looking at are the top reason for scanning QR Codes. Making a purchase, along with viewing video or connecting on social media are the other reasons for scanning with significant percent of responders.

We offer almost all of this QR Code features, and we are working on our own coupon system which will engage users in amazing way.