Essential smartphone apps to scan QR codes

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Essential QR code scanning apps for Smartphones
Recently more and more brands, companies and individuals are using QR codes to present themselves and their products. We want to be sure that any of You will be prepared to scan a QR code when wants and this is the reason to prepare this list with essential smartphone apps that can scan QR codes. There are QR code readers for almost any smartphone of feature phone on the market, either Androids, iPhones, Windows Phones, BlackBerry or any other.
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QR Code Scanning Now Mainstream in US Retail

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QR code scanning mainstream US

Mobile barcode scanning has emerged into mainstream in US shows intelligence survey by Compete. Compete’s reports show that barcode scanning apps have been used by 28 percent of smartphone owners. Android owners hold the highest adoption rate — 48 percent have tried a barcode scanning application. Not far behind are iPhone owners (39 percent), followed by BlackBerry owners (14 percent). Read the rest of this entry »

QR Code Rules: Focus Beyond the Code

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YouScanMe dashboard content options

QR Code can be designed if fashion ways to reflect your message and brand identity, but remember that the most important is the content which people view after the scan. QR codes can be great tool to create buzz about something. You need to have great and engaging content to satisfy those who scan.

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