QR Code Scanning Now Mainstream in US Retail

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QR code scanning mainstream US

Mobile barcode scanning has emerged into mainstream in US shows intelligence survey by Compete. Compete’s reports show that barcode scanning apps have been used by 28 percent of smartphone owners. Android owners hold the highest adoption rate — 48 percent have tried a barcode scanning application. Not far behind are iPhone owners (39 percent), followed by BlackBerry owners (14 percent).

Very important is the fact that more than half of these active respondents said they scanned a barcode while in a store in order to compare the price of the product with prices in other stores. Others (23 percent) claim to have scanned an image of a product to bring up more information about it . And 13 percent said they’ve scanned a product’s barcode so they could purchase it with their smartphone.

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  • http://twitter.com/mcloughlinpromo Dan Verhaeghe

    these numbers were from november 2010- it’s done nothing but grow since. 

    • Anonymous

      We are looking for more recent stats but it’s difficult to find. Despite of that we are sure that the growth is significant. 

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  • lilylewis

    QR Codes are still big in Japan. The data is old (2005) but interesting:
    • 90% under 20 were using them.
    • 84% were using them from magazines – women using them for mail order
    • 74% for access URLs
    • 27% (high I thought) for ecommerce purchase from magazines


  • FutureC

    Mobile barcode scanning is a big development. For me, i’m also a smartphone owner that uses barcode scanning app.