QR Codes – the Gateway to Augmented Reality Books

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nick bilton book qr code

Here I want to explain you why QR codes can be used on Books to enhance the user experience. Just imagine that you are reading a book and a QR code is printed on the page that connects you a video, connect with people mentioned on social networks, view a map of geographic place or be lead to website with more information or interactive tours. QR Code can be The Tool to create real augmented reality books, which most of the smartphone owners can get more info and better UX.

Here are some examples how QR code can be used in different book genres – Children’s Books – add scan codes to help make learning fun ( example : QR Codes used to educate kids ), Novels – add scan codes for sidebar stories about the characters or author commentary, Recipe Book – scan the code to see the “how to” video (cooking technique, how to make this dish, inspiration from the author) (example : QR Code used for food recipes on TV), Non-Fiction – add scan codes to add content updates since the book was published, and there are many more possibilities.

Below I am attaching some videos to view QR codes already used in Books industry.

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  • http://www.nikeschoenenoutlet.com/ nike schoenen

    i like it very much good!!!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001600876425 Alice Dee

    I just read the latest book of Dutch bestselling author Judith Visser (‘Time Out’) and this book has QR codes in it too. It was my first experience with this and I really liked it, I felt it added something, it was a bonus to an already very exciting story. The QR codes allowed me to see pictures of scenery, and to read background information (mini biographies) of some of the characters in the book. I thought it was great!
    On Judith Vissers website you can see what some of the QR codes look like as a page, because she uploaded some pictures : http://www.judithvisser.nl

    • Anonymous

      We like to see more and more forward thinking authors like Judith Visser using QR codes to show additional info. 

  • http://twitter.com/HTiBooksAuthor IBooks Author

    Does the new iBooks2 technology shoot this technology out of the water?

  • Harris Tobias

    I just translated my
    children’s book, Five Little Froggies, into QR code. I have no idea if
    anyone is the slightest bit interested in this, but I personally find QR
    codes fascinating. I was wondering if you had any ideas how to use this
    book in the classroom. This book has already been translated into a
    dozen languages and I thought it might be interesting to print a version
    of the book with qr codes that  link to the different translations. I
    can see this being fun and might have use in teaching foreign languages.
    If you would like to see a pdf of the book, just let me know. You can
    reach me at: harristob@gmail.com. I would be pleased to hear from you.Happy holidaysHarris Tobiashttp://www.amazon.com/Five-Little-Froggies-Code-Childrens/dp/1481267205/ref=sr_1_7?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1356286610&sr=1-7

  • arronlee

    I just scan the QR code above but I cannot find the related info. Is there anything wrong with my QR code scanner?