Import info from LinkedIn, Twitter or Gravatar to Personal QR Codes

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Import personal info from LinkedIn, Twitter and Gravatar ready QR codeWe are constantly working to improve your user experience and make easier the process of creating QR codes. Our latest improvement lets you import personal info from LinkedIn, Twitter or Gravatar, which simplifies the whole process to just link accounts or input your username. Along with the personal info now you can have your avatar pic displayed when people scan your code ( see the example on the left ).

Here is how it looks like our dashboard where you create QR code.

Import personal info from LinkedIn, Twitter and Gravatar

You have to select from where you want to import info. The first widget connects to LinkedIn and imports your profile picture, first and last name, organization, job title, address, phone, e-mail, website, twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Twitter widget imports your profile pic, first and last name, website and twitter profile. By using the Gravatar widget you can import profile picture, first and last name, address, phone, e-mail, website, twitter, facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

After doing this you dashboard should look like the screenshot below.

Import personal info from LinkedIn, Twitter and Gravatar dashboard

Use our new features and leave us feedback to continue improving

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  • LeonardR

    Awesome, love your work!

    Although adding someone as a contact does not work for me.
    Safari just downloads the vcard instead of popping up the intended iOS “add to contacts” screen.

    Fix that and the personal QR codes are perfect 🙂

    • Anonymous

      You need to have app for reading vcards installed on your iPhone. Unfortunately most of the apps that can handle it are paid. 

      • LeonardR

        But wouldn’t it be way more convenient to make the information available without any additional vCard handling software? To my mind it’s quite a barrier that prevents people from actually receiving the information you want them to.

        It works for common vCard qr codes, wouldn’t it work in your solution?

    • Gdimoff

      In iOS vCards are not supported, but you can send the contact info vCard file to your email and then open it from your mail client ! This works fine in iOS …