Budnikowsky use QR codes in Germany as Tesco do it in Korea

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Budnikowsky qr code store germany

You probably remember how Tesco deployed virtual store display in Korean subways which lets you shop products by scanning QR codes. Now the Germans are adopting this approach and the drugstore Budnikowsky put posters shops at eleven busy railway stations around the country. They are made of images just like the Tesco’s ones and are selling products of Aliqua brand of natural cosmetics with the QR Codes resolving to the specific items. Watch video after the jump.

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Video : QR Code Applications in Education

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QR Codes Applications in Education Video
QR codes and education go hand in hand these days. We have covered some topics how they can be used in education and to educate kids and we think that QR codes have real exciting future in this sphere. An excellent presentation, which again highlights how QR codes can be used in education, is available after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »

Sanibel Recreation Center use QR Codes to link schedule and info

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Sanibel Recreation Center QR Codes
The Sanibel Recreation Center, located at SANIBEL ISLAND, FL, is making first appearance in the region with unique sticker on their front door displaying a QR code. When scanned by a smartphone, the QR code will link you to the rec center’s schedule, hours, and weekly information. The sticker is the first of many on the island. Lighthouse Beach is next, where the city manager says they’ll link visitors to unique environmental information. Read the rest of this entry »

Scan a QR Code to Scratch Mobile Promo

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PromoMee, which are in QR code marketing business and has mobile apps, has deployed QR Codes in Patrick Morin Retail Stores to make a promotion. People who scan the QR code are involved in promo where they have to Scratch your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to reveal a promotion’s prize. And please don’t use a coin 🙂

Here is a video of it in action.

QR Code on FUEL Energy Beverage Plays Video

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fuel video qr code vidcon

FUEL Energy Beverage use QR codes leading to video on 200,000 Cans. When scanned it leads you to DJ MusicJanner’s Official “Going To Vidcon” music video. It is the first Vidcon video to be linked from the QR Code. Watch the video after the break.
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QR Code Periodic Table of Elements

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Periodic table of elements QR code video

This is very cool implementation of QR codes made by The Periodic Table of Videos. They added QR codes next to every element in the periodic table and when you scan the QR code it leads to video where The Professor explains you about the element.

Since the have All Rights Reserved on their Flickr image here is link to it where you can scan the QR codes and learn more about chemistry. This again proves that QR codes can be great for education purposes.

What About QR Code Haircut?

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Lowe QR code haircut

If you think of innovative ways to use QR codes I think you will love this one. It is created by Lowe Thailand for Unilever’s Clear shampoo and leads to a specially created mobile site. Their idea is to make QR code haircuts to group of people and they had to walk around Bangkok encouraging passers by to scan the QR Code. The campaing triggered viral explosion and reached an estimated Thai audience of 10 million.

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Tissot Models Wearing QR Code Shirts at MotoGP Race

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Tissot umbrella girls at 2010 MotoGP Red Bull Grand Prix wearing QR codes on their t-shirts. Placement of the QR code on ladies T-shirts has been solved by Tissot Watches and Tappinn. This video not only demonstrates the QR code scan, it shows the incredible hotness of the Tissot umbrella girls.