QR Code Trends – Infographic

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We love to present you facts and stats about QR codes usage and today’s topic is infographic from SEO Liverpool. QR codes are designed and increasingly being utilised by advertisers on static media such as billboards, magazines etc to act as a gateway to digital media. This includes apps, websites and even virtual coupons. They’re most used in paper publications, most scanned by those 25-34 and nearly half that use them did so to get discounts. But check out the infographic after the jump to view facts for yourself. Read the rest of this entry »

QR Codes and Windows Shopping – eBay Inspiration Shop

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eBay Inspiration shop using QR Codes

Like we said before it is very good to sell eBay items through QR Codes eBay and now we see the eBay Inspiration Shop. It has taken window shopping in NY to the next level. In basic it is a 24/7 “shoppable” storefront with interactive windows showcasing a collection of new, must-have merchandise for the fall season—from denim to digital cameras, engines to eReaders and wristwatches to new wheels. Check out video after the jump.

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QR codes that launch Spotify playlists

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Here is very smart idea – QR codes that launch Spotify playlists on your mobile phone. It is basic a series of greetings cards that when scanned with a QR code reader direct people to themed playlists within their Spotify Premium smart phone app.

What’s The Business Value of QR Codes?

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Hubspot talks about business us of qr codes

Yesterday we read interesting article by Magdalena Georgieva which topic is about the business value of QR codes. Questions like what exactly is the business value of QR codes or what ways can QR codes impact your business are asked and they have a video episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast which explains it in short.

Watch it here and read the article here

YouScan.me now allows exporting data to CSV

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Export to CSV YouScan.me

I want to introduce you the latest of our constantly released new features. It lets you export stats data about your code in CSV format, so you can create graphs, analyze the scans and the behavior of users.

In the CSV you get data about geography of the clicks ( all clicks made from its creation sorted by countries ) and scans by date, which is available for 1 month in the past from date you are exporting the CSV. So if you want fresh and overlapping stats to work with we suggest exporting your data at least once per month.

In future we are planning to have more data you can export, like deeper geography of the scans, device with which scan is made and some more.

Here comes Location Tracking feature to enhance QR Code Marketing

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We are constantly improving YouScan.me with new features to ensure that you get the most of your QR Codes. Recently we made YouScan.me available in several languages, added Campaigns Manager and made many improvements to the dashboard and generation of QR codes. Now we are very happy to announce you the new location tracking feature.
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QR Codes and SEO

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QR Codes SEO
Are QR Codes and SEO are walking arm in arm or QR Codes are enemies of SEO marketers? This is quite asked question and here are some opinions. Anise Smith thinks that SEO marketers are concerned that quick response codes can actually disrupt their search engine marketing or SEM strategies because QR codes can lead you directly to a website without the need for search engines. This is meaningful by the reason that searcher simply uses the “QR-as-navigation” to be immediately directed to the website or brand they are looking for, then all the efforts of SEO marketers will be put to waste. That makes people no longer competing for top search engine rank results. You have to simply open your QR reader application, scan the code and it will take you there, but don’t forget you need a QR Code in hand to be scanned.
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More Smartphone Users = More People to Scan Your QR Code

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Smartphone users scan QR Codes in Tesco Home Plus

QR Codes are targeted for tech savvy people with smartphones, who are able to scan them. With the current explosive adoption rate of iOS and Android over the world a new smartphone user is born every second, hundreds of thousands of them every day. Smartphone users are just to become more than traditional computer users, and the good about them is that they are always online and can scan your code on the go.

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Some Applications for QR Codes

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Some Applications of QR codes

As you can see from our blog we are constantly driven to introduce you how QR codes are used in real world and point your attention to new uses and applications. Here I’ve gathered some applications for QR codes which can be helpful to all. The main purpose of QR codes is to link offline items to online resources, where people get information, participate in contest, receive promos and discounts. You goal after this is to build a Community. Probably the most popular place to build a community now is Facebook. You can read this article which explains How Use QR code for Facebook Like Promo and make a fully functioning offline LIKE button for your Facebook page.

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Using QR Codes to educate kids

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Here is great example by marragem which shows how they use QR codes in the classroom. The pretty kid explains how they use QR codes for linking school discipline to online resource. Check out the video below.