VicMan LLC Use QR Code to Link to Android App

Author: | Posted: May 18th, 2011 | Category: Case Studies | No Comments » Lab Android App QR Code Mobile Page
VicMan LLC, a company that has created very cool online photo editor and Android app to operate with, use QR code created with us give people way to download the app directly from Android Market. Now they has over 260 000 users of their Facebook app over 1 million installs of their Android app.

For the last 30 days they have more than 5000 scans and when compared to the past (they created the QR code at the beginning of February and have over 10000 scans since then) it is a huge increase and success for us both.

We welcome any developer to create QR code for their apps with us have similar results.

If you want to download the app or view how VicMan LLC use our services just scan the code below. Lab Android App QR Code

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