How Kum & Go use QR code for STORE WARS Promotion

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Earlier this year a convenience store retailer sought to create an engaging way to interact with customers for their summer promotion and got it right – QR codes. Kum & Go, a convenience store chain with more than 400 stores in 11 states throughout the Midwest, used a QR code above their fountain drink area that when scanned, directed customers to a mobile version of the summer contest site.

The contest focused on which stores could sell the most fountain drinks and included a leaderboard that showcased daily results. Making sure customers had easy access to the contest site – allowing them to check on their store’s progress – was critical.


“We wanted customers to experience the instant gratification of being able to check the results on the spot,” said Mike Templeton, Kum & Go’s social media manager. “Using a QR code seemed like a natural fit. The customer could pick up their drink, check the leaderboard, and be on their way.”


The mobile site also gave customers a chance to win free gas for a year if they completed a survey.


Since the campaign launched on May 1, there have been over 1,700 scans – averaging around 30 scans per day.
Kum and Go Store Wars qr code far

“We know smartphones are not ubiquitous yet, but this example proves that many of our customers are very savvy when it comes to emerging technologies like QR codes,” shared Templeton.

The promotion ends August 31, with one Kum & Go store from each of the eight contest regions winning 32 oz. fountain drinks priced at 25¢ during the month of October


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  • miketempleton

    Thanks for inviting us to share our story, Veselin. It’s been fun to test QR codes on such a large scale, plus your tools made it easy to set up. I’m looking forward to what we might experiment with next.

    • Anonymous

      We are looking forward to work with you in future and deliver even more engaging QR codes to your customers. 

  • doofunguy