WM Dyer use QR codes on vehicle livery

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WM Dyer Electrical Contractor Vans

WM Dyer become the first Electrical Energy Efficiency Contractors to use QR codes on vehicle livery. WM Dyer is company that provides electrical energy management and energy efficiency solutions which allow their clients to significantly reduce their energy bills. At this time of difficulties and crisis across most industry sectors they decided to upgrade the fleet with a view to making longer-term cost-savings and ultimately improving on the bottom-line for the company.
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Global Growth in Mobile Barcode Usage – Q1 / 2011

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Global growth in mobile barcode usage
Here is a report from 3GVision, the creator of i-nigma barcode scanner, which shows the worldwide growth in mobile barcode usage. The most important facts of the report is the worldwide exponential growth, with Q1/2011 growing by 61.9%  over Q4/2010, and 451% over Q1/2010. Along with that the barcode usage in the US continues to expand also in March to total growth of 181.1% within Q1/2011 compared to Q4/2010.  US scans grow by 630% compared to Q1/2010. QR codes has been introduced to wider audience in the UK and the Netherlandsthanks to brands such as Heineken, SKY Network, Pizza Express, Grazia Magazine, and Gamma DIY shops, who adopted QRcodes during Q1/2011.

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Arda Beach use QR codes for check-in and social marketing

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Arda Beach us QR code for social marketing

Arda Beach, a very nice beach bar at one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful rivers Arda, use our QR code generator to create codes.

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QR Codes in the Wild – Axe QR code leads you to video

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Axe QR Code leads to video

Axe, the company that is leader is men’s styling products, also uses QR codes to drive attention to its products. This one leads you to a video in which AXE asks the real experts: “How do you clean your dirty equipment?” If you want to know the answer just scan the QR code and watch the video or play it below.
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QR Code Scanning Now Mainstream in US Retail

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QR code scanning mainstream US

Mobile barcode scanning has emerged into mainstream in US shows intelligence survey by Compete. Compete’s reports show that barcode scanning apps have been used by 28 percent of smartphone owners. Android owners hold the highest adoption rate — 48 percent have tried a barcode scanning application. Not far behind are iPhone owners (39 percent), followed by BlackBerry owners (14 percent). Read the rest of this entry »

Check in to KLM flights with QR Code

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The Dutch airline KLM have taken serious approach to social media by allowing fans to check in to their flights in Holland recently by scanning a QR code on the floor. It has been made for KLM Queen’s day. You will see a lot of people scanning it which leads to general conclusion that Dutch people perceive QR codes.

KLM are constantly forging to make new routes into social media and this Queen’s Day is just the latest. We too will show our love for Dutch people and will translate YouScan.me in Dutch soon.

VicMan LLC Use QR Code to Link to Android App

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Pho.to Lab Android App QR Code Mobile Page
VicMan LLC, a company that has created very cool online photo editor and Android app to operate with, use QR code created with us give people way to download the app directly from Android Market. Now they has over 260 000 users of their Facebook app over 1 million installs of their Android app. Read the rest of this entry »

QR Codes in the Wild – Wine Tasting Event

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BC Wines Uncorked - Spring Festival QR Code

The next addition in our QR Codes in the Wild section is here. It belongs to BC Wines Uncorked and is made for their Spring Festival: The Best of BC Wines Uncorked. When scanned QR code leads to their website which has detailed info about the semi-annual wine tasting event that showcases new and current releases from top BC wineries and raises funds for the Port Moody Arts Centre. The event is being held at the Port Moody City Hall Galleria on Saturday, May 28th, 2011 from 7:00pm to 9:30pm.

BC Wines Uncorked as many other has forgotten the #1 rule of QR Codes – Content Should Be Mobile Formatted, the have linked to their desktop site. If they read this someday we will be more than happy to assist them in created the perfect QR Code. 🙂

Image Credit : ochrelabs

Why US consumers scan QR Codes

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Why consumers scan QR Codes

Here is one of the fundamental question when it comes to customer behavior and QR code scanning in United States. Why consumers scan QR Codes? When adding QR codes to your marketing campaign, you have to know and understand what motivates people to scan your QR code. Getting coupon, discount or deal and entering a contest or sweepstakes, and getting additional information of the product your are looking at are the top reason for scanning QR Codes. Making a purchase, along with viewing video or connecting on social media are the other reasons for scanning with significant percent of responders.

We offer almost all of this QR Code features, and we are working on our own coupon system which will engage users in amazing way.

Top 10 countries for mobile barcode usage (excluding Japan) Q4/2010

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Mobile QR Code Globe -Top 10 Countries for barcode usage Here is list with top 10 countries for using QR Codes:

1. United States
2. Italy
3. Germany
4. Hong Kong
5. France
6. Canada
7. United Kingdom
8. Netherlands
9. Thailand
10. South Korea

There was significant growth in mobile QR code usage from 3Q2010 to 4Q2010 across many countries. For the first time, the US was the largest country in terms of absolute numbers of scans. It’s important to note that, while smartphone penetration is about 30% in the US, it’s population size makes this large relative to other countries.