Essential smartphone apps to scan QR codes

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Essential QR code scanning apps for Smartphones
Recently more and more brands, companies and individuals are using QR codes to present themselves and their products. We want to be sure that any of You will be prepared to scan a QR code when wants and this is the reason to prepare this list with essential smartphone apps that can scan QR codes. There are QR code readers for almost any smartphone of feature phone on the market, either Androids, iPhones, Windows Phones, BlackBerry or any other.
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Budnikowsky use QR codes in Germany as Tesco do it in Korea

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Budnikowsky qr code store germany

You probably remember how Tesco deployed virtual store display in Korean subways which lets you shop products by scanning QR codes. Now the Germans are adopting this approach and the drugstore Budnikowsky put posters shops at eleven busy railway stations around the country. They are made of images just like the Tesco’s ones and are selling products of Aliqua brand of natural cosmetics with the QR Codes resolving to the specific items. Watch video after the jump.

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BEST WESTERN Hotel Le Montparnasse use QR code to present Room Amenities

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hotel montparnasse qr code pdf

Yesterday I talked about how much QR codes have penetrated in French capital Paris. Now I will continue this topic with a QR code use by hotel. I stayed in BEST WESTERN Hotel Le Montparnasse and they are using QR code to present room amenities in the hotel. It was printed on the brochure with card dock locks they gave me and when scanned it leads to PDF describing hotel facilites. Check out how it look like and scan it after the jump.

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KONICA MINOLTA use QR Code to present Optimizer

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I was in Paris last week and was very pleasantly surprised to see QR codes used everywhere. From brochures, tickets, instructional cards to billboard ads. I will present you some which got my attention and the first one is the QR code KONICA MINOLTA use to present their latest product – Optimizer. They have printed two QR codes on the billboard – international one for Europe and local for France, and when scanned leads you to mobile site which introduces you to the product. Read the rest of this entry »

QR codes that launch Spotify playlists

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Here is very smart idea – QR codes that launch Spotify playlists on your mobile phone. It is basic a series of greetings cards that when scanned with a QR code reader direct people to themed playlists within their Spotify Premium smart phone app.

Video : QR Code Applications in Education

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QR Codes Applications in Education Video
QR codes and education go hand in hand these days. We have covered some topics how they can be used in education and to educate kids and we think that QR codes have real exciting future in this sphere. An excellent presentation, which again highlights how QR codes can be used´╗┐ in education, is available after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »

What’s The Business Value of QR Codes?

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Hubspot talks about business us of qr codes

Yesterday we read interesting article by Magdalena Georgieva which topic is about the business value of QR codes. Questions like what exactly is the business value of QR codes or what ways can QR codes impact your business are asked and they have a video episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast which explains it in short.

Watch it here and read the article here

Qkies combine cooking and QR codes

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qkies qr code cookies
And that is innovative approach! We show you how QR codes can be used in almost any offline object and now we are excited about Qkies – German company which combines QR codes and cookie mix to create yummy edible personalized messages.
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Export to CSV

I want to introduce you the latest of our constantly released new features. It lets you export stats data about your code in CSV format, so you can create graphs, analyze the scans and the behavior of users.

In the CSV you get data about geography of the clicks ( all clicks made from its creation sorted by countries ) and scans by date, which is available for 1 month in the past from date you are exporting the CSV. So if you want fresh and overlapping stats to work with we suggest exporting your data at least once per month.

In future we are planning to have more data you can export, like deeper geography of the scans, device with which scan is made and some more.

QR Codes Usage Stats for the Q3 2011

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QR Code operating system stats for Q3 2011

Here are some inside stats of QR code usage and penetration in world for Q3 2011. Since our last stats for the First half of 2011 we saw growth in both creation and scans of QR Codes. However we have some change in places when it comes to devices used to scan codes. Last period Android phones lead iPhones with more than 8%, but now we have a different picture. In Q3 2011 iPhones are responsible for 30.19% of scans, with Androids responsible for 22.78%, which is a total game changer when we compare metrics from the last period and now. Here is some catch, so take a look at the graph and you will see a HUGE part of 28.15% of the scans which OS is marked as “not set”. From my experience and some research about Google Analytics i understood that these are mainly Android and Windows Phones so the final numbers will be different.
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